Quiz: Do You Have ADHD?

Find out if you might have ADHD by taking the quiz below.

If you have been experiencing ADHD symptoms, the information below may help.

Hang out with friends who care. Having friends and a social circle who can provide you with positive vibes and support is very important. Avoid people who tend to ignore you or do not seem to care for you.

Spend more time outside. Spend time outside. Even just 20 minutes a day can improve your concentration. Connecting with nature is a safe treatment to manage ADHD symptoms.

Avoid potential allergens. It is best to check with an allergy doctor if you think you have allergies to chemical additives, milk, eggs, chocolates and foods containing salicylates.

Join a Yoga class. Individuals who have been diagnosed with teenage ADHD have experienced promising results and improvements with yoga. Try it.

Avoid food coloring and preservatives. Certain food coloring and preservatives can trigger hyperactivity. Avoid foods with these additives. Unfortunately, they’re mostly found in carbonated beverages, soft drinks, salad dressings, fruit juices, cereals and candy. Avoid junk food and find healthier food alternatives.

Talk to a medical expert. Don’t have second thoughts about talking to your doctor. Your doctor is the best person to prescribe supplements and other medications that can help you manage your ADHD symptoms.