Quiz: Do You Have Depression?

Take the quiz below and find out if you may be suffering from depression.

If you have been feeling depressed lately, check out the information below.

Seek Clinical Treatment. Speak to a professional about how you’re feeling. Talk with your doctor. Your doctor can refer you to a therapist or a counselor. A professional therapist or counselor will be able to identify destructive thought patterns that are causing your depression. He or she is also in the best position to prescribe the right medication, in case you might need one.

Eat A Balanced Diet. Have you been eating a balanced diet? Maybe, you’re dieting too much. Take a good look at your diet. If you’re missing out on some protein and vegetables, you might already be heading for depression. A diet composed of junk food can also lead you to depression.

Get Enough Sleep. Lack of sleep can also be a cause for depression. Make sure to get enough sleep. That doesn’t mean you have to sleep for long hours. Doing so, can also trigger depression. Enough sleep is not just about the hours. It’s also about the quality of sleep.

Get Some More Exercise. If you have been feeling depressed lately, try exercising. Exercise releases happy hormones in the brain.

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