How Serious Is Teen DUI?

Did you know that teen DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is a very serious issue? It can result to a life or death situation which you wouldn’t want to be a part of. Just so you know … are you aware that 60% of teen deaths are from car accidents involving alcohol? (1)

It’s really a serious matter that you should not take lightly. In fact, every 15 minutes a teenager is killed as a result of drunk driving. (2)

Drivers under the age of 21 years old who are caught driving under the influence are subject to zero tolerance laws. What does zero tolerance mean?

Here’s what it means. If a teenager is caught driving with even a small amount of alcohol in their system, you can be subjected to penalties … and these penalties can be hefty.

Penalties for teen DUI’s vary by state but the list below are the typical DUI penalties for most states: (3)

– Suspension of your driver’s license from 30 days to age 21, or one or more years
– Impoundment of your motor vehicle
– Possible jail time of one day to several years for multiple offenders
– Community service in lieu of jail time or after a short time served in jail
– Attendance at DUI school
– Fine of a few hundred to several thousand dollars
– Probation from three to five years
– Juvenile detention

Having a teen DUI record can negatively affect your college applications, your chances of being considered for scholarships, and your chances of being awarded financial aid. It can also negatively affect future job and career opportunities.

So be smart. Do not drink and drive.