Quizzes: Do You Have Depression Or Anxiety?

Do you think you may be suffering from depression or anxiety? Take the quizzes below.

Quiz: Do You Have Depression?

Quiz: Are You Experiencing Anxiety?

Quiz: Are You Bipolar?

Quiz: Do You Have ADHD?

Quiz: Are You Stressed Out?

If you believe that you may be dealing with any of the above conditions, do not despair. The information below might help.

Successful treatment of depression or anxiety can lead to much better outcomes in all areas of a teen’s life. A variety of treatment options are available. Guidance of a trained health professional is most definitely helpful and beneficial.

Talk therapy treatment. Talk therapy with a well-trained mental health professional is a common treatment. These therapies can be done one-on-one (a therapist with the teenager) or in a group (a therapist with other teenagers).

Medication. Trained health professionals usually prescribe medication to help teenagers deal with their condition.

Community support. Community support in helping teenagers overcome their condition has been proven to be a very important factor when it comes to treatment. Support from peers, family, and even the school community matters a lot.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle can definitely help a teen get back their life. Get a good amount of sleep, eat healthy, engaging in fun outdoor activities, sports, and social activities are very much encouraged.

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