Should You Take SAT Prep Courses?

Is the thought of taking SAT freaking you out? Is it causing you a lot of stress? Just bear down. Inhale slowly and relax.

We often get asked whether high school students should take SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) prep courses?

Our answer: It depends. Every student has a different learning style so it’s really different for everyone.

One thing is for sure. With college applications getting tougher, the SAT continues to be a major cause of stress among college bound applicants.

To find out if taking SAT prep courses is something you should seriously consider, honestly answer the following questions:

– Are you disciplined enough to study on your own?
– Are you the type who gets easily distracted by anything such as your beeping smartphone, the enticing show on TV, that cozy bed waiting for you to lazily place yourself on, or anything for that matter does not involve studying?
– Can you generally breakdown and decode mock tests on your own? Even SAT review tests can definitely be confusing and some sections can be quite mind-boggling.
– Do you think you need extra help from a teacher who is well-versed with SAT’s and the requirements needed to do well with them?

SAT prep classes can really be very helpful if:

1. You know that you might have a tough time studying on your own.

2. You have some important questions regarding concepts or topics that you are not well-versed in.

3. You prefer learning in a dynamic classroom environment.

SAT prep classes can also be expensive. However, if you do some research and check out resources for SAT prep classes, you will find some very affordable options.

So if you decide to take SAT prep classes, just think of this as part of your investment for your future, both college and career. Most teens who decide to take SAT prep classes find them to be truly worth it.