25 Highly Probable Signs That A Man May Be Cheating On His Woman

A combination of clues and signs should be a dead giveaway that he may be cheating.

No woman deserves to be cheated on. It’s just not right. No woman should ever be cheated on but it happens. As a matter of fact, it can always happen. There are some guys who truly and deeply love their woman but they still cheat. (1)

There are a lot of reasons as to why men cheat. It could be that their friends do it as well. It could also be that they’re bored and they want out of the relationship. The most obvious reason as to why men cheat is that they can’t resist temptation. (2)

Here’s some interesting news for some ladies who have been scorned by their cheating men. It turns out that cheating men turn to women who are less attractive than their girlfriends or wives. (3)

While that might be a comforting thought, it still boils down to cheating. There isn’t a woman out there who feels good after being cheated on.

… look out for a combination of signs. When a man seems to be exhibiting multiple signs of cheating, then chances are he may be.

There are various tell-tale signs that a man may be cheating. However, just because a guy appears to exhibit one or two signs of cheating means he is actually cheating.

Instead, look out for a combination of signs. When a man seems to be exhibiting multiple signs of cheating, then chances are he may be.

That said, here are the 25 highly probable signs a man may be cheating on his woman.

25. His Phone Battery Is Always Dead. He has the latest smartphone but his battery is always dead. Could it be overused? Maybe. Even worse, the battery could be dead for a reason and that is to make him unreachable for some time. (4)

24. He Is Always Picking A Fight. A guy who appears to always pick a fight could be finding a good excuse to storm out of the door. A fight is also a good reason for him to find comfort in another girl’s arms. The mixed emotions he is dealing with could also trigger a fight. (5)

23. He Can’t Seem To Detach Himself From His Phone. At some point, he has to be able to let go of that phone, especially if he’s already in the company of his girlfriend (wife). If he can’t let go of his phone, then he’s probably expecting a call from another girl or hiding something. (6)

When a man suddenly transforms from the homeless looking bum to Mr. GQ, he might be up to something.

22. His Appearance Rapidly Changes. This might hurt but cheating guys start to take care of themselves even more. They want to look better in preparation for some good old flirtation and courtship. (7)

21. He Accuses His Girlfriend (Wife) Of Cheating. This is the classic tactic to turn the tables around and cheating guys are guilty of doing it. Unfortunately, it’s a natural tendency for people to accuse other people of that same thing they’re guilty of doing. (8)

20. He Suddenly Has Some New Interests. If he suddenly takes up a hobby that he has never been interested in before, chances are, he might be trying to impress another girl. (9)

When shopping for clothes becomes his new hobby, it might be time to watch him closely.

19. He Spends More Than Usual. If a guy’s finances are piling up, it could be that he is spending more than usual. Is his credit card maxed out? Is he spending a lot more on gas? Has he developed some sudden fondness for shopping for new clothes? If yes, then he is most likely straying. (10)

18. Friends And Family Members Are Dropping Hints. Friends and family members won’t drop hints for a good reason. Girlfriends (Wives) shouldn’t ignore such hints unless they want to end up being the last to know about their cheating man. (11)

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