Quiz: Are You Experiencing Too Much Anxiety?

Take the quiz below to find out if you are suffering from anxiety.

If you have been feeling anxious lately, check out the information below.

Learn how to chill. You have to learn how to chill the right way. Relaxing in front of the computer isn’t exactly the right way to do it. If you really want to chill to manage your anxiety, try doing some stretches and deep breathing,

Sleep, eat, and exercise. If you want your mind and body to function well, get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise. When your mind and body are able to function well, you won’t have a hard time dealing with your anxiety.

Hang out with people you like. Choose the people you want to hang out with. Stay away from toxic people, who will just make you feel more anxious.

Do some outdoor activities. Appreciate nature and take a walk. Find a peaceful place in the park and appreciate the moment.

Repeat positive affirmations. Repeating positive affirmations can help you manage your anxiety. By simply repeating a positive affirmation, your anxious thoughts can be set aside.

Practice some relaxation exercises. To reduce your anxiety, set aside 20 minutes each day to do nothing and just relax. Just enjoy the moment.

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