Quiz: Is Your Ex Still In Love With You?

It’s over. You two called it quits. It sucks. You’ve cried enough. Now, you just really want to move on. It’s not easy but you’re trying. You’re hanging out with your friends. You’re partying. You’re having fun. Then suddenly, you hear a song. It reminds of you of your ex. Then you get this funny feeling in your tummy and you wonder. Is your ex still thinking of you too?

Breakups really suck. Just when you think you’ve moved on, a song, a movie, or a place suddenly reminds you of your ex. It takes you back to the times when the two of you thought it would be forever. You start wallowing in the past and wonder if your ex is still in love with you. Could that be the case? Find out now by taking the quiz on the next page.


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