7 Surefire Signs Your Boyfriend Thinks You Are Fat

Here are the 7 surefire signs that prove your boyfriend thinks it’s time for you to lose weight.

If you think that your boyfriend secretly thinks you need to lose some weight, here are some weight loss tips that can help you.

Eat healthy. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean eating salads or fruits all the time. You can eat the food that you love but make sure to watch your portions. It’s really about portion control and choosing the right food. The less fatty foods you eat, the better.

Minimize fast food restaurants. Who does not love fast food, right? However, eating fast food every time won’t help you lose weight. Their food is loaded with calories. Just minimize eating fast food or choose the healthier food options that they have on their menu.

Start exercising. If you haven’t been exercising lately, then you’ve probably gained some weight and your boyfriend just doesn’t want to tell you about it. So, go ahead and start an exercise routine. Learn a new workout routine or maybe even a new sport. Just start exercising to lose some weight.

Stop binging on junk food. It’s easier said than done but you really need to find healthier foods to binge on. Stay away from junk food first. Avoid the sodas and chips until you feel like you’ve lost some weight. Instead, binge on carrot sticks and fruits.

Drink tons of water. Water not only keeps you hydrated, it keeps you full. Instead of grabbing something to eat when you’re hungry, drink some water first. You’ll feel full without the calories.

Get more sleep. There’s a good reason why you need to get more hours of sleep. The more hours of sleep you get, the less chances you’ll have of producing the hunger hormone called ghrelin. That is one hormone you want to avoid because it’s not going to help you lose weight at all.


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