Quiz: Do You Have Heartbreak Depression?

Take the quiz below to find out if you have heartbreak depression.

If you’re feeling miserable and depressed about the breakup and you just can’t seem to let go, then maybe the information below might help.

Avoid romantic movies and music. Anything romantic is not going to do you good. You’re just going to feel worse than ever. Do your heart a favor. Stay away from anything romantic as it may add to your feeling depressed.

Hang out with family and friends. Your family and friends are the best people to cheer you up. They can keep you company and help you get your mind off your broken heart. In fact, people have recovered from their depressive state of mind much faster when around loved ones.

Avoid the places that remind you of the past. Refrain from going to places that will only remind you of the past. Also, avoid places where you might bump into your ex as these could trigger negative thoughts.

Engage in a new hobby. A new hobby can easily take your mind off your broken heart.  It will keep you so busy you won’t have time to think about your broken heart. Start a new hobby to help you get out of that depressive funk.

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