Quiz: Are You Hopelessly In Love?

Take the quiz below to see if you’re hopelessly in love.

It’s actually a waste of time and energy to always feel like you’re hopelessly in love. If you can’t help yourself falling hopelessly in love with any guy who comes along, then maybe the information below might help.

Get to know the guy first. Before you go crazy over a guy, get to know him first. For all you know, he isn’t exactly worth all your energy to go gaga over.

Keep yourself busy. There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself busy. You can get a job or maybe even take up a new hobby. This way, your mind is not obsessed with the thought of being in love.

Be honest with yourself. Truth be told, you can really tell if you’re hopelessly in love or not. So be honest with yourself. Admit it if you’re not in love. It’s okay NOT to be in love.

Keep in mind that real love comes only once in a lifetime.  You can’t always be hopelessly in love because the truth is, love comes only once in a lifetime.  So, save all your energy for the right guy. It might take some time but the wait is really worth it.

Love yourself first. There is that one person that you should learn to love first and that is yourself! So, don’t go loving one guy after the other. Quit while you’re ahead and learn to love yourself first.