Quiz: Do You Secretly Love Your Period?

Take the quiz below to see if you secretly love your period.

If you struggle with your period, then maybe the information below might help.

Keep track of your period. To know that your period comes monthly is not enough. Track your period to know exactly when It arrives. Keep a calendar to make it easy. This way, you can warn and prepare your friends and family for your reign of terror.

Stretch out and exercise. It actually isn’t such a good idea to skip the gym. If you want relief from your monthly period, stretch out some muscles. It will loosen them out. Stretching can ease the pain that comes with menstrual cramps.

Get your parents to help you seek medical help. There are certain supplements that can help ease PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating. However, you need to get with your parents first to get medical help and clearance to take such supplements.

Stay away from junk food. The struggle is real when you have your period. You know why? The happy chemical in your brain, called serotonin, takes a dip. This happens about a week before your period.  When that happy chemical takes a dip, your natural tendency is to crave for foods that will make you happy. Unfortunately, junk food is usually the choice. While junk food can trigger instant happiness, it cannot not sustain it. Eating healthier food alternatives is a safer way to help you deal with PMS.

Spoil yourself. Instead of bitching about your period, you might as well just embrace it. Take advantage of that time of the month to spoil yourself. It’s one easy way to stop the beast in you to come out.