Poll: Would You Rather Walk Away From Half-Ass Friends And Risk Being Lonely But Peaceful?

Friends. We can’t live without them, or can we? Let’s face it. Not all of our friends are great. Some of them could really be half-ass friends. They only call you up when they need something and after that, they’re gone. Even worst, they’re not around when we need them. Strange thing is, we still consider them friends.

It’s great to have a lot of friends but are the half-ass friends really worth keeping? Be honest and take the poll.

Half-ass friends are toxic people. It’s stressful to hang out with them. They can mentally, physically, and even financially drain us out. At some point, we would really need to distance ourselves from them.

It’s easier said than done but friendship, therapist, and relationship expert, David Bennet has a great tip. First, we identify what really ticks us off and we talk things over. If that doesn’t work, then it’s really time to walk away.


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