Is Drug Abuse Getting The Best Of You?

It’s not easy to admit that you may be abusing drugs. However, deep inside you may know that you are. If you have reason to believe that you are beginning to go down a slippery slope, it’s about time that you do yourself a favor. All is not lost. Reach out for help.

Understand that you are not alone. In fact, a lot of girls your age underestimate how easy it is to develop an addiction to drugs. Whether through experimentation or casual use, do not underestimate the high risks associated with overdosing on drugs. It’s time to really seek help.

These are common signs that you are becoming addicted to and abusing drugs (1):

– Lingering craving for the substance being used
– Bloodshot eyes
– Laughing for no reason
– Loss of interest in activities
– Poor hygiene
– Diminished personal appearance
– Avoiding eye contact
– Frequent hunger or “munchies”
– Smell of smoke on breath or clothes
– Secretive behavior
– Unusual tiredness
– Missing curfew
– Bad grades

If you believe that this is you, then it’s time that you reach out to people who can help. Talk to you parents. Talk to your friends, a school counselor, or a health professional. People are very understanding and will always be willing to help. It’s really never too late to ask for help.

There are various treatments available for drug abuse. Don’t despair. A lot of young girls have recovered from drug addiction and eventually have done very well. Take that next step and reach out to someone now.