Are You A Victim Of Negative Peer Pressure?

Are your friends pressuring you? Do you find yourself doing things just so you could please them? If the answer is yes, you might be a victim of negative peer pressure.

Peer pressure happens. It isn’t bad at all, especially if it’s positive peer pressure. Unfortunately, negative peer pressure can do you more harm than good.

It’s okay if you want to fit in. Just don’t give in to negative peer pressure. If you can’t deal with it, get with someone who can help you.

Here the common signs of negative peer pressure.

– You’re constantly keeping up with your friends.
– You’re skipping school.
– You’re suddenly experimenting with drugs and alcohol.
– Your friends are forcing you to have sex.
– You’re forcing yourself to smoke.

Negative peer pressure is the reason why middle schoolers have tried smoking, alcohol, and drugs.(1). So, you’re really not the only victim in the world.

Remember, it’s not cool to do something you don’t want to do. You’re better off staying away from friends who are forcing you to do foolish stuff. They’ll get you in trouble. Friends who do that, aren’t your real friends.

Negative peer pressure is inevitable. It will always be around. The good news is, a lot of girls have been able to avoid it. You, too, can do the same thing.

If you’re wondering how you can deal with negative peer pressure, ask for help. Reach out to an expert who can help you deal with it.