Are You A Victim Of Bullying?

Did you know that there are thousands of teens who wake up afraid to go to school? The fact is, thousands of kids are becoming victims of bullying especially in the advent of social media.

Bullying happens when a group of people pick on someone over and over for the purpose of humiliating someone who they deem to be unfit to be part of their group.

Bullying comes in different forms:

– Physical bullying. This is when someone attempts to physically harm you to instill fear or coerce you to doing something.
– Verbal bullying. This is when someone uses demeaning language to belittle you and humiliate you in front of others.
– Emotional bullying. This is when someone tries to make you feel isolated and alone.
– Cyberbullying. This form of bullying has increasingly become a major problem among teens. This is when someone uses social media, videos, text messages, or instant messaging to embarrass and humiliate you.

If you believe that you are being bullied, there ways for you to fight back and help discourage bullying:

– Tell a trusted adult. This can be your parents, school counselor, coach, teacher, or any school official. They can often resolve dangerous bullying problems without the bully ever learning how they found out about it.

– Seek friends who are supportive and kind. Stay with friends if possible since bullies usually single out those who are alone.

– Practice confidence. Practice ways to respond to the bully verbally or through your actions. Show them that their bullying does not affect you.

– Talk about it. Talk to your parents, a guidance counselor, a teacher, or friend. Talking is a good outlet for your fears and frustrations.