Is Cyberbullying Causing Your Depression?

Have you ever been cyberbullied? Has this caused you emotional harm that you can’t seem to be able to be able to recover from?

Did you know that there has been a dramatic rise in depression among teen girls? With teenage girls more frequently and intensely using their smartphones and social media than boys, this makes girls more susceptible to cyberbullying. (1)

The stress of being cyberbullied can sometimes feel overwhelming. It makes it difficult for you to feel safe as it appears to be very invasive even in the privacy of your own home as they appear on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Here are some common feelings cyberbullied teens and tweens often experience: (2)

– Feeling overwhelmed.
– Feeling vulnerable and powerless.
– Feeling exposed and humiliated.
– Feeling dissatisfied with who they are.
– Feeling angry and vengeful.
– Feeling disinterested in life.
– Feeling alone and isolated.
– Feeling disinterested in school.
– Feeling anxious and depressed.
– Feeling ill.
– Feeling suicidal.

To a victim, it feels like the bullying is everywhere. Additionally, because the bullies can remain anonymous, this can escalate feelings of fear.

Dealing with anxiety, fear, and depression as a result of cyberbullying may be difficult for some teens. However, do not despair. You will be surprised how a lot of people are willing to help you.

Talk with your parents. Talk with friends. If you are not comfortable talking with them, there are health professionals and organizations who are willing to help and listen to you.

Many have recovered from depression brought about by cyberbullying. If others were able to overcome it, so can you.